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There is an "old and new" way of production in Japan that has been handed down from generation to generation. This is "Shikkaiya Business".
We believe that we need "a system that connects people, culture and society and shakes up the world.
That is why we have revived "Shikkaiya Business" and created "Shikkaiya United".



About Us

Collaboration & Connection

悉皆屋ユナイテッド ~たくらみ製造カンパニー~


We, Shikkaiya-united co.,ltd. are a creative and design production group.
We provide planning, production, direction, design, brokerage, management, and consulting services related to culture, art, entertainment, sports, games, commercial development, and regional development projects.

We have business experience in various fields and are able to make concrete and prompt proposals and implement projects in such areas as "promoting Japanese content overseas," "creating new brands," "improving existing products," "creating new business methods," "expanding local economies and creating jobs," "increasing the number of people on exchange," "promoting migration and settlement," "strengthening information transmission capabilities and effective transmission," and so on. We can propose and implement specific and timely initiatives in these areas.

We also specialize in working with various companies to disseminate and promote information about Japan, its culture, companies and people.

We invite you to join us in making Japan and the world more enjoyable.
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A Message from CEO

代表取締役 古里健司

We, Shikkaiya United co.,ltd., are a collective of creators who orchestrate innovative productions across all fields, from culture and arts to entertainment, commercial facility development, and regional revitalization. Our driving force lies in the high expertise we have honed through years of experience and the passionate creativity inherent to artists.
We not only promote Japan's captivating contents to the world but also fully unleash our creative prowess in various domains, such as creating new brands and services, as well as enhancing the added value of existing products. Through devising innovative business approaches, we implement initiatives that contribute to the revitalization of local economies, job creation, an increase in visitor traffic, and ultimately, the promotion of relocation and settlement.
Our strength also lies in our exceptional ability to disseminate information. Capturing the cutting edge of culture and delivering impactful information at the precise timing is our mission. By collaborating with various companies and partners, we actively propagate Japan's wonderful culture, corporate values, and the individuality of its people to the world, widely promoting Japan's appeal both domestically and internationally.
Creating new value and generating a whirlwind of innovation in society is the very raison d'être of Shikkaiya United. We will continue to pioneer new business styles by anticipating changes in the times and wielding our creative ideas and keen sense as weapons.
We invite you to look forward to our endeavors.

Kenji Furusato
President and CEO
Shikkaiya United co.,ltd.
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CG of the completed building.The image used is a dummy.

News Release


iFREE Group to Open Grand Opening of "ANIMA TOKYO" in Hong Kong in 2024

香港の尖沙咀(チムサーチョイ)のカントンロードにANIMA TOKYO(アニマ トウキョウ)が2024年後半オープン!

Aug.1 2023

香港・尖沙咀のカントンロードにおいて、2024年に「ANIMA TOKYO(アニマ トウキョウ)」(GF、1F、2Fの3フロア7000㎡超)をグランドオープンすることを、iFREE Group HK Limited. および、iFREE Group JAPAN(代表・総合プロデューサー:古里健司)がお知らせいたします。
尖沙咀のカントンロードは、香港屈指のハイブランドストリートであり、地元の富裕層や中国本土からの観光客で賑わっています。「ANIMA TOKYO(アニマ トウキョウ)」は香港において、日本からのIP資源(小説・漫画・アニメ・ゲーム・映画)を高付加価値展開する類を見ない統合型リテイル&レストランストアとして、また香港から日本への観光アウトバウンド(送り出し)の情報発信基地としての役割を果たすことを目指します。
iFREE Group HK Limited. and iFREE GROUP JAPAN (Representative and General Producer: Kenji Furusato) are pleased to announce the grand opening of "ANIMA TOKYO" on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong in 2024.

Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the best high-brand streets in Hong Kong, crowded with wealthy locals and tourists from mainland China. ANIMA TOKYO" aims to serve as a unique integrated retail and restaurant store in Hong Kong that develops high value-added Japanese IP resources (novels, manga, anime, games, and movies) and as a base for sending outbound tourism from Hong Kong to Japan. ANIMA TOKYO is a unique integrated retail and restaurant store with high added value.
ANIMA TOKYO(Hong Kong) :
Silvercord, 30 Canton Rd, Shop G38B, C, D, and 139B, C, F, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
iFREE Group HK Limited. :
24F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong
iFREE GROUP JAPAN(悉皆屋ユナイテッド株式会社 内):
東京都千代田区丸の内3-2-2 二重橋ビル2F
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